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Irish owned Max Benjamin, is run by two brothers Mark and David Van den Bergh. Named after their ten year old nephews, Max and Ben, who are the sons of their sister Orla, they have been producing high quality fragranced candles since the early 1990’s. Mark and David’s sister Orla originally started the company. She learned her candle making skills in the US while working there in the early 1990s. The knowledge and wisdom given to her of the secrets of blending waxes and mixing essential oils was something which she naturally understood, but never forgot. Upon her return to Ireland, she brought the secrets she had learned and used them to produce what were considered the finest candles in the country. When Mark joined the company, followed by David, the Oberg brand of handmade church style candles was within a short space of time selling in the finest boutique retail outlets in the country, including famous stores like Brown Thomas. Within a short space of time the company were producing candles for The Conran Shop, House of Fraser, John Lewis and Selfridges. Within a few years the Max Benjamin brand had become the choice of fragranced soy candles around Ireland and to this day remains among the favourite of its kind amongst the country’s top retailers.

The collection has evolved over the years and is now an international brand which currently includes 15 fragrances of luxury natural wax candles.

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