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Beefayre produces natural scented candles and room diffusers inspired by nature and the plight of the honeybee. The idea for Beefayre was born in the foothills of Transylvania, Romania when Sharon Jervis, artist and nature lover went to meet beekeepers and study their ancient tradition of bee keeping. There she discovered a pristine environment, free from pesticides and intensive farming practices with thriving glades of healthy bees and the purest honey, pollen and propolis.

From using their products and learning more about the healing properties of these wonders of the hive, Sharon and her son Sam developed a range of health and body care products. Beefayre products are handmade in England and use the very highest quality natural ingredients, free of any petroleum by-products. Sharon’s drawings create the original design and packaging and are inspired by the honey bee and its natural habitat. Beefayre donate 3% profits to bee conservation and research.

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