Emma Bridgewater

Emma Bridgewater is an English Literature graduate from London University. The oldest daughter in a large family, her mother Char provided the first inspiration for her as a designer. Emma grew up in Oxford, where her motherís welcoming kitchen was dominated by a scrubbed pine kitchen table and a big dresser covered in colourful, mismatched china including big Victorian meat plates, pretty cups and saucers and generous jugs big enough for a bunch of flowers from the garden. Emmaís father started, built up and eventually sold, a publishing business; this gave Emma an insight into entrepreneurial life. Emma and Matthew met when they were both selling their products at London trade fair Top Drawer. Matthew joined forces with Emma after their marriage in 1987 and he now collaborates on designs in partnership with her. Emma and Matthew now live in Oxford, but retain a home in Norfolk, which they both love. Matthew and Emma design together, working on the patterns that decorate your kitchen.
We stock a range of Emma Bridgewater designs and patterns: Black Toast, Polka Dot, Big Love, Men at Work, Birds, Hearts, Hellebore, Dancing Mice and Union Jack.

Emma Bridgewater Rose & Bee Apron

Emma Bridgewater Rose & Bee Apron

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